Trevana Earrings


A fresh take on the classic hoop earring, the Trevana Earrings feature mirrored pear shaped gemstones, hand-cut and set in 14K gold-plated brass. Available in Prehnite, these are sure to become a staple in your Fall wardrobe. 


Diameter: 12mm

14K Gold-plated brass with 14K Gold Vermeil earring posts
Hand-cut undyed natural gemstones, cut in India

Castings made in Thailand
Paired & finished in Vancouver BC


Why We Love The Trevana Earrings

Cherished Item

Gives you that special glow each time you put it on. A piece to treasure today and for years to come.


Unique products hand crafted by makers and designers

Made In Canada

Designed and produced in Canada.

Hailey Gerrits

About The Brand

Hailey Gerrits creates jewelry that is decidedly unique. Construction with unique artisan-cut gems and aged reclaimed metals imbues each piece with an image of the past and all of its romance - fully embodying the notion of 'one of a kind'. Gerrits' collections are handmade in small batches in her studio in Vancouver BC and all materials are ethically sourced from around the globe. This culminates in the creation of collections that respect the people and planet alike; a celebration of beauty that doesn't sacrifice sustainability or style.