Kiara Boot


A bold silhouette and a chunky heel make the Kiara boot a unique statement for your footwear collection.

The ox blood colour will add a subtle pop to your outfit - while being neutral enough to seamlessly match any outfit you choose. 

Environmentally Produced

Regulated Factory

Natural Fibres


- Brown leather
- OrthoLite® Recycled™ footbeds
- Leather-lined rubber outsoles.


Why We Love The Kiara Boot

Cost per Wear

Invest in the pieces you wear the most. You’re worth it!

Elevated Basics

Styles you can rely on for everyday wear in fabrics that make you smile.

Modern Classic

One perfectly updated staple is all you need to make a great outfit. Modern Classic pieces work from day to night.


About The Brand

Camper means peasant. The austerity, simplicity and discretion of the rural world combines with Mediterranean history, culture and landscape, all of which influence the brand’s aesthetic and values. Camper’s respect for tradition and for arts and craftsmanship anchors their promise: to offer useful, original and quality products, promoting diversity and with a keen intention of developing and improving them through innovation, technique and aestheticism. They seek a more cultural and human approach to business activity where their mission is to delight people with a playful, sustainable and responsible walking experience.