Plain Linen Scarf

Does the crisp sunrise air make you feel a little chilly? It's time to pull out an extra layer. This 100% linen scarf is perfect whether you want to stay warm or just want to show it off

B Corp Certification

Natural Fibres

Regulated Factory


- 100% Woven Linen


Why We Love The Plain Linen Scarf


A style that won’t fall out of favour. For that sophisticated yet effortless look.

Modern Classic

Elevated Basics — Styles you can rely on for everyday wear in fabrics that make you smile.

4 Season Style

A fabric + style you can wear all year long. Start here and accessorise according to the season.

Indi & Cold

About The Brand

Indi & Cold understand sustainability as a whole, not only from an environmental point of view but as something essential at a personal, social and corporate level. We believe our mission shows our commitment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it's reflected in these three pillars: PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PLANET, which encompass our vision of the present and the future.