Mother's Day Gift Guide

something special to say thank you
for all that they do

Love Token 14k Gold

14k Gold & Diamond
18" Chain

Based on Rosemonde Gerard’s 19th-century French poem, the Love Token Necklace is stamped with the French sentiment "qu'hier – que demain".

It is a symbol of growing love which translates from the poem’s French verse meaning “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow”.* Whether an expression of self-love, romance, or friendship, this pendant is as meaningful as it is franco-chic.

Leah Alexandra

Compass Ring 14k Gold

14k gold & Morganite

A faceted morganite gem is secured by four prongs that represent the cardinal points. The wearer will feel grounded with this donned on their finger, navigating them through each day.

The perfect gift to remind someone special that they are your rock & guide you through the day.