Classic Floral Scrunchie

Get ready to elevate your hair game with our brand new collection of floral market-inspired scrunchies and hair scarves - perfect for adding a pop of style and sophistication to any outfit.

Environmentally Produced


Natural Fibres


Material: 100% Cotton

Elastic: Made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and natural rubber, our proprietary, special blend elastics are designed for best hold and comfort - and Protect your hair with perfect hold.™

Why We Love The Classic Floral Scrunchie


Designed and produced in Canada.

Cherished Item

Cherished items give you that special glow each time you put it on. A piece to treasure today and for years to come.

4 Season Style

A fabric + style you can wear all year long. Start here and accessorise according to the season.

Chelsea King

About The Brand

Becoming more attuned to what goes into the products we buy and how these items are brought into the world has never been more important. Aligning with ethical production benefits all involved - from the manufacturer, to the artisans creating the goods, to you, the recipient enjoying these exquisitely crafted hair accessories.

Quality over quantity is the philosophy that underpins every aspect of our slow, hands-on production process. We don't believe in fast and cheap. Nor do we sacrifice quality to cut expense. As we value transparency and honest practices, we care about sharing the roadmap of how our efforts toward a sustainable production system works.