Cutting Board Conditioner 45g


Try our new Larch Wood Green board conditioner to keep your chopping blocks, cutting boards and countertops beautiful and increase their longevity. Developed for our customers who would rather not use a petroleum based product. The cream is easy to apply and you can use the board directly after application. 

Our new Larch Wood Green cutting board conditioner is made in Canada with hemp oil from Manitoba and beeswax from western Canada. Larch Wood Green acts in a dual-purpose manner to protect the longevity of your cutting board. First the 100% food safe organic mixture will absorb into the wood fibres preventing them from drying out and then protect the surface from moisture and food penetration. We recommend applying our board conditioner to all exposed surfaces of your countertops and cutting boards on a monthly basis. It has a subtle fragrance and will give a beautiful polish and glow to your board while helping to protect it from water and staining. The cream is easy to apply and you can use the board directly after application.

Natural Fibres

Environmentally Produced

Locally Made


.06 kg
6.5 × 6.5 × 2.2 cm
Food Safe
Made from
Beeswax, carnauba wax and hemp oil.

Why We Love The Cutting Board Conditioner 45g

Made in Canada

Designed and produced in Canada.

Environmentally Produced

Materials made with less water, less waste, less pollution.

Locally Made

Designed and produced in Nova Scotia.

Larch Wood Canada

About The Brand

Our trees are locally harvested in a sustainable manner with many trees supplied by small woodlot owners. We pay the woodland owners more than market value for their logs to promote a healthy holistic business.

Canadian larch, also known locally as tamarack and juniper, grow in abundance on Cape Breton Island. It is a fast growing, tenacious species that can tolerate less than ideal conditions, like wet or recently disturbed soils.

It is a renewable resource that we source from sustainably managed local woodlots.

The wood of the Canadian larch is resilient and durable but also flexible. It was traditionally used in boat building and for other exterior applications such as decking and fence posts. Juniper is also noted for possessing antimicrobial and rot resistant properties making Eastern larch a great choice for kitchen cutting boards, countertops and chopping blocks.