Miro Belt

Featuring this season's key colours, you can team this braided belt with all your summer outfits.

Regulated Factory


Natural Fibres


Braided leather and split leather belt
Braided by hand
Gold-coloured metal buckle
Belt can be worn on the waist or hips
Multicoloured colour
Designed in Paris by our stylist
85 cm
90 cm

2 cowhide leather strands
1 textile strand
1 split leather strand
Split leather lining
Made in Tunisia

If greasy stains occur on the split leather, clean gently with Fuller's earth.


Why We Love The Miro Belt

4 Seasons Style

A fabric + style you can wear all year long. Start here and accessorize according to the season.

Modern Classic

One perfectly updated staple is all you need to make a great outfit. Modern Classic pieces work from day to night.


Timeless style that won’t fall out of favour. For that sophisticated yet effortless look.

Des Petits Hauts

About The Brand

For the last 20 years, we have navigated the fashion industry with our hearts. Our wish first and foremost is to bring you joy with colourful clothing that adds a spirit of creative freedom to your wardrobe.

But there is no joy without accountability:

Our actions have a real impact and we try to ensure our impact is managed, minimised and, where possible, positive!

Des Petits Hauts commitments:

1. Commitment to quality.

2. Natural materials: mohair, merino, wool, linen, alpaca, cotton and more.

3. Fine craftsmanship.

4. A focus on transparency with our environmental impact.

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle.