Lenola Belt


Made from nude pink leather, this braided belt looks just as good with a skirt or a cardigan to show off your waist and enhance your outfits.

Regulated Factory


Natural Fibres


• Braided belt
• Strands braided by hand
• Leather buckle
• Belt can be worn on the waist or hips
• Nude colour: a very pale pink
• Designed in Paris by our stylist
• High-quality leather from Italy
• Vegetable-tanned lining
• Sizes:
- 80 cm (XS)
- 85 cm (S)
- 90 cm (M)
- 95 cm (L)
• Width: 3 cm

• Styling advice: wear it with the Loubaba denim skirt and the Sesame shirt

Why We Love The Lenola Belt

4 Seasons Style

A fabric + style you can wear all year long. Start here and accessorize according to the season.

Modern Classic

One perfectly updated staple is all you need to make a great outfit. Modern Classic pieces work from day to night.


Timeless style that won’t fall out of favour. For that sophisticated yet effortless look.

Des Petits Hauts

About The Brand

Des Petits Hauts stylists travel the world and open their eyes wide to imagine beautiful collections that are unique from anything else. They put all their heart and creativity into their work. From China to Peru, via Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal, and France, the daughters of Prod' provide Des Petits Hauts with the best factories, over the years, they have built relationships of quality and trust.