Gigi Pip Sizing Chart


Hat sizes for women are fairly intuitive. The average women's head size measures around 57cm. If you are unsure of your hat size the Gigi Pip small/medium hat would be the best starting point. The small/medium hat size is made to fit 57cm + can be adjusted down to 55cm. If you know you have a slightly larger head go with the 59cm size. As far as Gigi Pip sizing goes this is a medium/large, made to fit a 59cm head size + then can be adjusted down to 57cm. The largest size Gigi Pip offers is a 61 cm, labeled as an XL, like our other sizes the 61 can be sized down to 59 cm. For women who feel they have a slightly smaller head than normal we recommend an XS which begins at 55cm + can be sized down to 53 cm. In select styles we offer kids sizing which begins at 53 cm + can be adjusted to 51 cm.
Gigi Pip hats sizes are as follows:

Kids (51cm to 53cm)
XS (53cm to 55cm)
S/M (55cm to 57cm)
M/L (57cm to 59cm)

Gigi Pip Hats Sizing Chart