Woven Raffia Belt

100% raffia belt. Various tones. Buckle. 

Environmentally Produced

Natural Fibres

Regulated Factory


Composition: 100% raffia.

Why We Love The Woven Raffia Belt


Gives you that special glow each time you put it on. A piece to treasure today and for years to come.

Modern Classic

One perfectly updated staple is all you need to make a great outfit. Modern Classic pieces work from day to night.

Elevated Basics

Styles you can rely on for everyday wear in fabrics that make you smile.


About The Brand

"We are a principled brand that wants to contribute to society beyond fashion and image.

We have a commitment to responsibility to both our social and natural environment. We join up with social inclusion projects and work to minimize the environmental impact of our actions.

The quality of the materials we use and the sensitivity of our designs are made to last in the memories of women who wear YERSE and to become part of them.

The tradition of our origins in knitwear grant us authenticity. We have woven a long journey to get to where we are today. We know the trade and our expertise distinguishes us.

We breed confidence through our clothes. We are the must have that never fails, the safe bet for any occasion."